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Vita-Myr - 12 Pack (6+6) Travel Size Mouthwash & XTRA Toothpaste On-The-Go Oral Care Kit

Vita-Myr - 12 Pack (6+6) Travel Size Mouthwash & XTRA Toothpaste On-The-Go Oral Care Kit

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Elevate your oral care routine even while on the move with the Vita-Myr On-The-Go Oral Care Kit - a 12 Pack (6+6) of individually packaged Travel Size Mouthwash & X-Tra Toothpaste. Unleash the natural solution for a healthier and more radiant smile, wherever life takes you! Vita-Myr Travel Essentials: 12 Pack (6+6) Individual Mouthwash & X-Tra Toothpaste.

Embark on a journey to oral health excellence with the Vita-Myr Travel Essentials - a 12 Pack (6+6) of conveniently sized Individual Mouthwash & X-Tra Toothpaste. Experience the ultimate natural solution for a brighter smile, tailored to those who cherish their travel adventures. 

  1. **Compact Convenience:** Carry your oral care companions effortlessly with the Vita-Myr Travel Size Kit, designed for travelers who value minimalism.
  2. **Immune Boost:** Vita-Myr Mouthwash with Zinc & Folic Acid supports your body's natural immune response, even on the go.
  3. **Ancient Botanical Powers:** Clove & Myrrh in the mouthwash purify and soothe, creating a refreshing oral experience.
  4. **Gentle Formula:** Alcohol-free, sugar-free, and devoid of artificial sweeteners or preservatives, ensuring a gentle touch.
  5. **Nature's Best:** Made in the USA, Vita-Myr embraces nature's gifts - Zinc, Folic Acid, Clove, Myrrh Oil, and Distilled Water.
  6. **Travel Light:** Individual packaging makes it a breeze to maintain oral freshness wherever your travels lead.
  7. **Cavity Defense:** Xylitol & CoQ10 in the toothpaste fight cavities, inhibit plaque, and support enamel remineralization.
  8. **Plaque Prevention:** Xylitol curbs plaque buildup, preserving your smile's brilliance and health.
  9. **Saliva Stimulation:** Xylitol enhances salivary flow, aiding in natural enamel repair and protection.
  10. **Balanced pH:** Xylitol's pH-balancing effect creates an inhospitable environment for harmful bacteria.
  11. **Gum Guard:** CoQ10 strengthens gum tissues, fortifying your smile's foundation.
  12. **Cell Tissue Care:** CoQ10's healing and protective properties contribute to overall oral well-being.
  13. **Radiant Smile:** Experience a brighter, healthier smile with the combined benefits of this travel-friendly bundle.
  14. **Nature's Power:** Embrace the potency of natural ingredients, infusing your oral care with the magic of nature.


Elevate your oral care routine on the go with the Vita-Myr On-The-Go Oral Care Kit. Discover the harmony between nature and convenience, and embark on your journey to a dazzling smile today.


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