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I have had gum problems since I was thirty years old. I am forty eight now. By 1993 I was seeing my dentist and periodontist several times yearly, to clean my teeth and shave my gums, and I was paying a lot of money in an attempt to save my teeth and control periodontal disease. By 1994, despite these efforts, my teeth were so loose in the gums that I could move them. I could not eat anything but soft foods by this time, I could not chew gum, I was not even able to eat an ordinary potato chip.
In October of 1995, I had visited my periodontist, and they make an appointment to do another operation to shave my gums to stop the receding, and they were going to do a tetracycline implant. I was told that this would be a temporary measure, and that next thing that they would have to do, would be to remove my teeth. to my unending questions to my doctor, asking if there was anything else that could be done, the answer was as usual, "No, if there was, don't you think we would use it."
When I returned from the doctor's office my wife saw my hopeless situation, and decided that we had nothing to lose, we would try to find a remedy ourselves. We went to the library and read everything available on all kinds of natural medicine and books on healing. We searched the oldest reference materials we could find, and the very latest. Our research resulted in the vitamin mineral and Herb combination that could be used in a mouthwash. We did the mixing and experimenting to discover the most effective amounts and procedures to produce a remedy. I didn't keep the appointment for the implant or to slice the gums at the gum line to prevent future receding because by November of 1996, I had no sores in my mouth, no bleeding, no bad order and my teeth had tightened up in my gums so strong that I could eat everything, chew gum, bite into an apple and enjoy a delicious steak.
I am writing this in June of 1999, I have never been back to the periodontist. Many of my friends, relatives and customers of my business have tried our mouthwash and have kept asking for more. The benefits of our VITA-MYR mouthwash are incredible and the demand was so great that we had to find a commercial lab that would make our mouthwash with our formula and exact procedure.
We are trying to help everyone to have healthy gums, fresh breath and strong teeth. There are many mouthwashes on the market, but my friends and I and anyone who had tried our mouthwash strongly believe that our mouthwash is the best by far.
Robert Takhtalian
President & C.E.O.
VITA-MYR Mouthwash

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